Guesthouse and retreat destination in Lapland

Our guesthouse and Talliaitta are a perfect retreat destination in Lapland.

The perfect retreat destination in Lapland

Guesthouse is an unforgettable ensemble of northern mysticism and abundant beauty that will not leave anyone cold. A total of 35 customer beds in various apartments guarantee a comprehensive experience for even a larger group. A magical hut, a blacksmith’s workshop, a yoga hall, a forest restaurant, a sauna on the beach, a sacred site and the peaceful and spacious surroundings of a Lapland courtyard provide a setting for a wide variety of groups. You can book accommodation, food and the program from us or produce part of it yourself. Ask more!

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Retreats and workshops at Loihtua

FaceYoga course – selfcare and pampering for your wellbeing
Eliisa Kerminen

Reiki II – the second path || 22.10 Both course days from 10 am to 5 pm || Eliisa Kerminen

Raising our inner power
A strong ritualic retrite ensemble by the fire, fell, and forge 24.-27.11 together with @MeriMort, Queen of the North and Poem Smith @theSagaOfYou
Price: €549

Luminous Presence
Nondualistic tantra kamos retreat
1.-4.12.2022 / Gloria Yoga & Viivi Jokela

Night party 21.12
The darkest day of the year is celebrated in Kadja’s hut in the swirls of our subconscious, accepting our shadows and inviting light. There is also food and drink available. from 18:00 to 21:00
€95/person /

Kekri 24th, 25th and 26th of december
A memorable traditional celebration with music, fire dance and unique table settings of the forest. Starting from the Loihtua forest in the embrace of our ancestors and continuing at restaurant Elli

Shibari work shop and private sessions 7.-8.1.2023 / Saara Kantanen /

Journey towards our strength February 3-5, 2023, an inspiring weekend for everyone who wants to focus on relationship that is important to them in the magically beautiful North, guided by Queen of the North and Poemsmith.

Retreat of Free movement and dancing from 23th to 26th of March.2023

Loviritual 7.-9.4.2023

Ukon Vakka 9.4.2023 | Pohjolan Parhaat Pidot perinnejuhla pääsiäisenä | Greatest celebrations of the North traditional celebration of spring

CVT (= Complete Vocal Technique) Workshop and Master Class in Loihtua at 9.-11. of June / Sari Alakulppi

Solekko village party on August 26-27
A proper village party with music and workshops. Read more at

Ancient fires 3.9
The ancient fires of Loihtua invite everyone to arouse interest in Baltic Finnish traditions and old practices. Music, sauna and food served from fires of The Black Smith from 18:00 to 23:00

Our retreats

The search journey of our strength

The journey of our strength is an inspiring weekend for anyone who wants to focus on an important human relationship in the magically beautiful North. While working we seek for guidance from the northern mythologies and traditions. The hosts for the weekend are Mirva, Pohjola’s mistress, and Kristian, Virrentakoja, who is initiating the trip into a fruitful interaction. Our way of guiding is based on positive interaction, security, respect for individuality and autonomy. In our work, we utilize the surrounding nature, handicrafts, doing things together, our own innermost being, the masculinity and femininity found in all of us. During the weekend you will stay with the person important to you in the idyllic and peaceful rooms of Loihtua inn, with space for love and rest. As organizers, we pamper you and guide you to pamper each other in many different ways, both internally and externally. Being seen and heard, enjoying good and nutritious local food, being present, respectful touch, experientialism, rest, nature, the beautiful traditions of the North and the surrounding beauty all play an important part. Participation does not require previous experience of interpersonal work, group work or spirituality, only a desire for openness, a better connection and meaningful relationship.

The price of the retreat consists of Loihtua’s full board (tasty vegetarian and local food) and accommodation 345 € / person and the part of the program early bird 1.3.2022 by 150 € / person and then 200 € / person. That is a total of 495€ when you make a reservation by March 1st 2022 and after that 545€.


Genuine well-being

We offer groups well-being weeks, which include an overnight stay and a unique weekly program that also leaves room for rest, relaxation and silence. The week’s program can include, for example, our magical hut experiences, a trip with huskies under the starry sky while watching the northern lights, a guided downhill trip to the fells, yoga and meditation both in the hall and in nature, animal care and movement with animals, and tasty food produced nearby. After your vacation, your stomach will also feel good and rested!

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More together

Products for holistic well-being have been developed together with our partners and the community living in the grounds of Guesthouse Loihtua. The programs utilize the skills of our community and the opportunities offered by the environment. We believe that it is important for an individual to be understood, to share thoughts, to be able to be oneself and to work for things that are important. Through joint activities, we learn new things about ourselve and the people and nature around us.

Ask for an offer: // +358 400 215091
Arrive as a quest, leave as a friend <3